Balance Your Biological Clock, Reclaim Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat

  Sleep is one of the body’s ways of conserving energy. Curbing this critical resting time is linked to many metabolic derangements and fat gain. Endocrinologists now recognize that poor sleep habits and sleep loss are risk … [Read more...]

Weight Regain After Dieting Is Due to Gut Hormones, Inflammation

Guts over glory—why diets fail. Nature Medicine,

With or without the 5 pound microbial mass residing in our inner-tube of life, the gut and it’s related incretin hormones comprise a powerful metabolic organ. The May 2012 issue of Diabetologia discuses the progress that has occurred in the … [Read more...]

Endurance Training Without Diet Changes Improve Blood Lipoproteins in The Obese

View of size and shape of HDL particles

An exercise intervention trial published in the April 2012 Journal Obesity found that when obese individuals underwent a three day per week endurance exercise regime, improvements in blood levels of cardioprotective lipoprotein particles … [Read more...]