Saccharomyces boulardii: The Probiotic Yeast That Is Great for Your Gut and Immune System

Probiotics are supplemental live microorganisms that offer health benefits. While most probiotics are bacterial in origin, one strain of yeast called Saccharomyces boulardii has been found to be a particularly effective probiotic. It should … [Read more...]

This Hidden Nutrient in Spinach May Help You Build Muscle Like Popeye

Dr. Jason Cholewa discusses some novel metabolic aspects of betaine, illuminating its potential to help improve exercise performance. Be sure to join us on June 10th for the live Google hangout with Jason. Study Review: Effects of betaine … [Read more...]

How Viruses Wreck Your Metabolism: gut bacteria are the tip of the ‘infectobesity’ iceberg

INFECTOBESITY: THE IMMUNE-MICROBE-METABOLIC CONNECTION Bacterial endotoxin from the gut are not the only microbial link to obesity and diabetes. Elevated levels of circulating inflammation-stimulating immune cells have been observed in … [Read more...]

Balance Your Biological Clock, Reclaim Your Metabolism and Burn More Fat

  Sleep is one of the body’s ways of conserving energy. Curbing this critical resting time is linked to many metabolic derangements and fat gain. Endocrinologists now recognize that poor sleep habits and sleep loss are risk … [Read more...]

Ancestral Eating Improves For A Stronger Gut, Robust Metabolism

What you eat on a daily basis affects the type of bacteria in your gut and it’s activity, which, in turn, affects the level of inflammation in your body. But there are other influences as well.  Take endotoxin, for instance.  Those are … [Read more...]

Patients with Ulcerative Colitis have Imbalanced Intestinal Microbiota, Study Finds

New study reports key microbial and metabolic alterations in the bowel of patients with Ulcerative colitis (UC), an autoimmune bowel disease.   Source Vigsnaes, LK. Microbiotas from UC patients display altered metabolism and … [Read more...]

What is Magnesium Stearate? Dr. Michael Ash Offers His Critical Scientific Appraisal

Magnesium stearate is the most common fatty acid in the diet

Reposted with permission by Michael Ash BSc DO ND Dip ION of Originally posted Nutri-Link Clinical Education on  July 4, 2012 under " Magnesium Stearate, Hypothesis, Nocebo and Adverse ‘Halo Effect’ – a Critical … [Read more...]

Feeling ‘Gutsy?’ There’s a Lot to Swallow…

Developments surrounding our understanding of the intestine and it’s associated microflora are contending to be the most exciting research topics of the decade. Almost weekly cutting-edge research emerges in this arena, furthering … [Read more...]

In Defense Of HDL: Lancet Suggests HDL is Unprotective?

HDL Under-siege Last Thursday the Lancet published a multi-author meta analysis that is challenging the notion that increased HDL cholesterol levels offer protection against myocardial infarction (MI)(Voight 2012). Using genome-wide … [Read more...]

Weight Regain After Dieting Is Due to Gut Hormones, Inflammation

Guts over glory—why diets fail. Nature Medicine,

With or without the 5 pound microbial mass residing in our inner-tube of life, the gut and it’s related incretin hormones comprise a powerful metabolic organ. The May 2012 issue of Diabetologia discuses the progress that has occurred in the … [Read more...]